Hybrid PV & Solar Chimney power plant, 5.0MW&1.0MW




The proposed Hybrid PV & Solar Chimney (HPVSC) plant, patent protected by our company, totally eliminates any need for electric batteries replacing them with a thermal storage method and additional air turbines in a properly designed solar chimney power plant, allowing seamless and controlled electricity generation after sunset, or during the daylight whenever necessary.


This method guarantees smooth and uninterrupted electricity generation of the PV power plant plus a minimum supply of electricity after the sunset when PV panels are not operational.


The proposed HPVSC plant will have a rating power of 5.0 MW generated by the PV panels and 1.0 MW by the Solar Chimney plant. The whole plant will be installed in a land field of approximately 100,000 m2, equivalent with the land necessary for a 5.0 MW ordinary PV power plant.


The investment cost of the Model HPVSC plant is estimated at 6.5 million USD, assuming that the Model will be raised in USA.


If the Model is going to be raised in INDIA or CHINA the investment cost will be lower than 5 million USD.


The annual electricity generation by the Model HPVSC plant is estimated at 10.0 GWh (in a place of 1700 KWh/KW for PV panels)




2.                  Dimensions and rating


The enclosed greenhouse will be of a rectangular shape with an approximate area of 100,000 m2, equipped with an air tight enclosure via a peripheral wall with a minimum height of 3 m.


The transparent roof of the greenhouse, supported by a proper metal structure, will be divided in two parts. A PV panel part of approximately 33,000 m2, on which 5.0 MW transparent PV panels are placed and a 77,000 m2 part made of crystal clear glass panels.


Below the transparent roof and on the ground of the greenhouse the solar thermal storage facility will be placed, made of plastic tubes filled by 12,000 m3 water.


The Greenhouse will be placed, in general, on an inclined land field, and it will be connected with a solar chimney of 100 m height and ~28 m diameter on its north wall.


The opening connecting the enclosed greenhouse and the solar chimney will be equipped with an electro-mechanically moving air stopping curtain.


Thirty air turbines of 1.6 m diameter and 33 KW rating power (1.0  MW totally) will be placed on proper circular holes on the wall of the greenhouse, opposite to the solar chimney.


The turbines will be equipped with proper remotely controlled gates that can block or release ambient air to enter though the air turbines into the greenhouse.




3.            Construction cost (6.5 million USD for USA )




·        0.05 million USD for land preparation


·        3.2 million for PVs (at 650 USD/KW complete with inverters and Electric Substation)


·        0.7 m USD for metal support (at ~7.0 USD/m2)


·         0.5 m USD tempered crystal clear glass panels (at ~7 USD/m2)


·         0.2 million USD for the tubes of heat storage (12,000 m3 of water storage)


·        0.5 million USD for the Solar Chimney (100 m height and 28 m diameter)


·        0.4 million USD for the air turbines of 1.0 MW (at ~400 USD/KW)


·        0.5 million USD for the electric substation of 10MW connecting the power plant to the electric grid


·        0.2 million USD for Engineering supervision


·        0.25 million USD for unforeseen


Overall cost of the Hybrid PV+ Solar Chimney Power plant of the area of 100,000 m2, at 6.5 million USD


The previous costs were estimated for USA.


For INDIA and CHINA for example, it is estimated that the respective costs could be lower by 25%, thus the overall cost will not be higher than 5.0 million USD.




4.                Annual electricity generation (10 GWh/year)




·        By the 5.0 MW PV panels 8.5 GWh/year will be generated (300 degrees inclination, south oriented, in a proper the place of plant installation )




·       The enclosed Solar Chimney Power plant of 100,000 m2 Greenhouse and 100m Solar Chimney it is estimated that will generate approximately  1.5 GWh/year


·       From the previous data the overall annual HPVSC electricity generation is estimated to be approximately 10 GWh/year 




·       The used land and the annual maintenance costs are very close to the respective costs of a conventional PV plant of 5.0 MW and the proposed HPVSC power plant




The operating life of the PVs usually does not exceed 25 years while the Concrete Solar Chimney can stand at least for 100years, and the metal structure of the enclosed Greenhouse can stand safely for at least 50 years.


Hence, the Hybrid PV-Solar chimney Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) is competitive in comparison to its alternative solar technologies with storage, i.e. PVs with Electric batteries or CSPs with Thermal Storage.




Athens March  2017