Electricity Generation

Electricity is generated by PV panels placed on the roof of the greenhouse. The efficiency of the PV panels is increased due to the reflected solar radiation headed towards them.
Also the efficiency of PV panels is increased due to the cooling caused by the air-updrafting operation of the solar chimney.
Electricity is additionally generated by the air turbines placed on the lower part of the solar chimney’s peripheral wall.

Indicative Section of a HPVSC Power Plant

  1. Solar Chimney
  2. Air Tunnel connecting the Greenhouse with the Solar Chimney
  3. Greenhouse semi transparent roof made o successive cell
  4. Peripheral wall
  5. Air entrance

Indicative Figure of a cell of the Greenhouse of a PVSC Power Plant

  1. PV panel
  2. Transparent glass panel
  3. Translucent glass panel